Fire breathing

The gallery is a more-or-less stable collection of images grouped by event, or date, or topic, or at least something.


Burninating the countryside.

Once a year New York burners discard the pressures of real life and let themselves go -- they throw a big party. The party is called Decompression.

Faces at a party, not much more, but interesting faces...

See the results of mixing guns, flames, and naked hippies. July 2005, Camp Dionysia... And, in case you didn't know, rain is the new dust: same place, October 2005. And again, July 2006. May 2007, you guessed it, again. May 2009, hm, what could it be?

These are images from Santacons 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008 in New York City. Just imagine a couple of hundred of Santas who decided that there are better things in life than working as glorified delivery boys.

Four sections contain pictures from the Playa del Fuego gatherings in Delaware during 2004-2006. The pictures are mostly of things burning and people playing with fire and doing other silly things :-)

Some older images -- here are colorful portraits from a Save Our Gardens procession in East Village, New York City in May 2001.

And that's a few images from the Burning Man of the 2001 vintage. If you don't know what Burning Man is, you should. Google is your friend.

Yet more oldies, and yet more colorful portraits -- now courtesy of the New York City's Halloween Parade...